Antisana volcano
Antisana volcano

Antisana Volcano + Condor watching


Leaving your hotel around 8 AM we will drive south of Quito to start a full day tour in the Antisana Reserve. 

Antisana is one of the many volcanoes you can find in Ecuador, right along the Avenue of Volcanoes and just south of Quito. The reserve is a great spot to find the national bird of Ecuador and others andean animals and birds species: The ANDEAN CONDOR. This biggest land bird of the world is a symbol for everyone living in the Andes region and is unfortunately in danger of extinction. However they are still breeding them in the Antisana Reserve!

We will meet you at your hotel  for a drive to the edge of the reserve from where we will start our exploration of the Paramo (Andean highland) with its unique vegetation and wild life. You will be able to spot many species of birds including hummingbirds, condors, caracaras (bird of prey that unlike others is a slow flyer and can mostly found scaveging) and wild horses. 

Consider this day as a kind of safari located high up in the Andes instead of Africa savannah. For those who are up for it a hike by Lake Mica, a crater lake also know as " The Mirror of Antisana" is definitely recommended.




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