Quilotoa Crater Lake Tour

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We will drive through the avenue of the volcanoes and take a visit to a local indigenous market at the Saquilisilí village (Thursday). Then we will drive to Laguna Quilotoa which displays a beautiful view of the crater lake, Andean mountains, passing the ancient canyon of the Toachi River and many indigenous communities and farmlands. Before lunch(not included), in the location known as “Huayra Pungo”, we will visit a local indigenous home where you have the opportunity to interact with the inhabitants and maybe learn some Kichwa, the native language of the region. After this special experience, we will have the chance to visit the unique and local market of Zumbahua (Saturday), where sometimes we can still see the ancestral trueque, which is a system of trading that exchanges products without currency. The quilotoa crater lake tour includes a steep hike into the Laguna Quilotoa, which is a sparkling esmerald lake inside of the extinct volcano crater located at 3,600 meters above sea level. The trek back to the top, to where the parking area is, takes around one hour, or there is also an option of renting a mule, this is an comfortable ride on the way back.


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