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Cochasquí is one of the largest and most significant archeological sites of Ecuador that is located in the northern Andes. This complex has fifteen pyramids and several thumbs (tolas) that came from the period 850 B.C. – 1.550 A.C.  In this amazing place we will have the opportunity to be surrounded by 160 llamas while we learn about the Caranquis, one of the most developed and unknown civilizations in South America. The Caranquis people defended their territory against the Inca invasion in the 15th century until the early years of the 16th century in the epic battle of Yaguarcocha. The Caranquis people never managed stone carvings, only volcanic tuff, known as cangagua and adobe. However, they constructed large monuments like flat topped pyramids which they used as ceremonial sites or astronomic observatories. The Caranquis used to bury their dead under artificial hills called “tolas”.

After our unforgettable hike through the Inga Ñan (Inca trail), admiring the stunning view of the avenue of the volcanoes, we will drive to a rose farm to learn more about Ecuador’s fifth main industry. Once we arrive we will see the complete process of growing, harvesting, and exporting roses. We will then have time for lunch, and in only 10 minutes driving time we will stop in the Quitsato´s sun dial. 

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