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The tours in Galapagos can do it, by two options:

By cruises in 4 days, 5 days, 7 days or 15 days.

Stay on hotels on four islands like: Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Isabela or Floreana.

Our cruises provide more per less means you have the opportunity to travel from one island to another island at night so you won´t feel the travel at day.

What do you get on board?

Comfortable cabin with private bathroom.

Some cruises have Jacuzzi.

All meals on board.

Daily excursion with a naturalist guide.

Some boats, do two can of tours Naturalist or scuba diving.

Galapagos has several island that you cannot visit because of the environment and the conservation, so be free to check the links of each boats to confirmer what do to see and which island you will visit if you want to combined with hotel on island it is a great idea to see more!

We design tour and offer several option to add more per less money.

Be free to contact us, before you get your trip on board.


Cruice name Date Itinerary Price per person
Santa Cruz II Sep. 02 - Sep. 06 5 Days N $ 1750
La Pinta II Sep. 02 - Sep.06 5 Days C $ 1400
Odessy Ago. 30 - Sep. 03 C $2200
Beagle Oct. 08 - Oct.15 SE $ 2900
Danubio Ago. 27 - Ago 31 5 DAYS $ 1600
Solaris Ago. 30 - Sep. 03 B5 $ 1750
Isabela II Sep. 20 - Sep. 26 7 Days W $ 2930
Samba Ago. 27 - Sep. 03 SE $ 2300



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