Antisana FULL DAY

Antisana is a stratovolcano in  the Northern Andes about 1.5 hours away from Quito. Not only is it the fourth highest volcano in Ecuador (5.704 m.a.s.l.). It is a perfect volcanic cone, created by two volcanic cones; the oldest cone used to be the crater mouth but the glacier has eroded and has since created a perfect round valley with its opening to the south, the youngest cone is the current volcanic cone.

We will meet at 8 AM in Plaza Foch for the drive up to the reserve. Once reaching the small village of Pintag we will be able to enter the ecological reserve for a drive through this impressive landscape. Once we reach an altitude of around 3.810 meters (12.500 feet) we will stop and go on a hike (easy to moderate). During this hike you will for sure be able to spot many different species of bird- and wildlife like Eagles, Hummingbirds, Condors, Caracaras, White-tail Deer, Pumas and more. 

From here we continue our drive towards Lake Mica, located at appr. 3.500 meters (11.483 feet). The lake, a result of the last ice-age, is home to many waterbirds like the andean Lapwing, different types of Gull, Coot, Duck and the Black-Faced Ibis that has its habitat only in Chile and in Antisana!

The last stop in the Antisana Reserve will be the Isco Canyon, a truly worthwhile stop as this is where you will find the Condor nesting and resting! 

From here on it is back to Quito, on the way back we can stop for a lunch ($15 per person extra) before arriving in your hotel around 4:30 PM.

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