Mindo Cloudforest

The town of Mindo, in the midst of the magic of the cloud forest, has something to offer for everyone's taste. Adventure, hiking, birdwatching, orchids, chocolate and much more.

We leave Quito around 7:30 AM from your hotel. As soon as we are outside of Quito you will see a change in landscapes. The dry mountain ranges leading up to the windy road into the cloud forest takes your breath away. We will stop at the Pahuma Reserve, a place with 3 waterfalls and great opportunities for an essy to moderate hike. From here we continue our way to the rustic village of Mindo where we have several options regarding activities. Remember though, as this is a shared tour , we will do those activities that have the most in favour.

Depending on the time left after the reserve we can do 2-3 of the following activities:

  • Hike to the waterfalls
  • Orchids, Humminngbirds, butterfliy farm
  • Chococolate Tour
  • Canopying on 3 – 10 lines
  • Birdwatching




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