cotopaxi volcano


Cotopaxi, the second most popular adventure destination in Ecuador and it is just a mere 2 hours away from Quito.

If you find being in nature an uplifting experience, then take a visit to the second highest active volcano in the world, it will leave its mark on you. Cotopaxi Volcano (5.897 meters above sea level) is surrounded by the fragile paramo ecosystem and here you can find pristine forests, mountains, lake limpiopungo, wild horses and much more. Even though it`s not possible to summit, the National Park is still worth a visit because of its constantly changing landscapes.

We will be happy to show you a different side of this impressive volcano.

Saquisili, one of the most famous and authentic indian markets in Ecuador, definitely is worth to visit a place like this during your holidays in Quito. Colorful, the indigenous market  is one of the most exciting tourist attractions in the highlands of Ecuador. This traditional indigenous market located just 90 kilometers at south of the city, in the Cotopaxi province; express the old customs, which still play an important role in the multicultural society from Ecuador(ONLY ON THURSDAY). We will start at 06h00 OR  08h00 in order to visit the exciting market and get to know the cultural diversity of indigenous people. Once in Saquisilí, we will walk about two hours through the different squares located in the village, and we will be fascinated with the incredible diversity of animals and products that the locals sale there.After our beautiful experience with the local people, we will drive straight to Cotopaxi, the second most popular adventure destination in Ecuador, one hour away from Saquisilí. Around 11h30 in the encounter with Cotopaxi Volcano (5.897 meters above sea level), you will be surrounded by pristine forests, mountains, lakes, wild horses and ecosystems which change amazingly as you get higher.

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