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Ecuador is a privileged country that, due to its location, is possible to find an incredible richness of nature and animals, one of the most representative groups is the birds.
In our bird watching tours, you will discover behind a colorful curtain of feathers, movements, and beautiful singing, the most beautiful and incredible birds of Ecuador!
our options tours are the Cloud forest and the High lands, both of them are incredible places.

Birding in the Cloud Forest

Located at 2 hours from Quito, the cloud forest, or rain forest of Ecuador is one of the most representative ones, where is possible to find Cacao, Orchids, coffee, and some tropical fruits all these reasons are one of the best places to visit for Birdwatching.
The number of bird species that can be seen in this area and its surroundings exceeds 550 and includes the Cock-of-the-Rock (Rupicola peruviana), Swainson’s Toucan (Ramphastos swainsonii), Bearded Toucan (Semnornis ramphastinus), Gralaria and more than 27 species of hummingbirds!!


Birding in The Highlands

The Antisana Reserve is one of the reserves in Ecuador that has a specific and delimitates area in charge of the Jocotoco Foundation, a specialist in the conservation of the wildlife, especially the condors, the signal bird of Ecuador, and in our days, in extinction danger.
The condor is one of the biggest birds in the world, a member of the family of the vulture, their spent wings are approx. 3 meters.



  • Transportation
  • Bilingual guide


  • Food/Snacks.
  • Drinks.
  • Tips.
  • Anything not mentioned.


On this active it is important to have with you:

  • Good hiking shoes.
  • Layers of clothing.
  • Photo camera.
  • Money.


We can do this tour any day of the week. Please give us a call at +17073403778  / +593991946532 or send us a message to make your reservations within minimum 2 days before of the chosen date.

The minimum amount of people for this tour is 2. In case you have any other people who would like to go with you on this tour, please give us a call at +17073403778  / +593991946532 or send us a message  to see if we already have others with a reservation.


Scheduled tour bookings are not confirmed until payment is received ( by Paypal, Credit Card or wire bank*).

In any event, Tour Guide Ecuador strongly advises you to take out travel insurance… it’s well worth the piece of mind.

We always suggest a call, email, or text the day before your tour to ensure all your details are as they should be. It is not obligatory, but it helps.

If confirmed standard departure tour bookings are canceled the following fees apply:

More than 7 days in advance – 10% of the original fee.

3-7 days in advance – 50% of tour cost.

Within 72 hours of commencement – refunds will not be available.

If changes are made more than 6 days before the original booking there is no charge.. the rebooked date must be within 2 months.



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