What an adventure!

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What an adventure!

I am so fortunate for having met Andreas! He truly made the time I spent in Quito a memory I will remember for a lifetime! Simply put – Andreas is the man and I will be recommending to all my friends who travel to Ecuador to meet with him!

On the first day, Andreas took me on a tour all around Quito – including the Plaza Grande and its surrounding area, the Virgin, the Teleferico, and the equator. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the history of the city – all the way from pre-colonial times through today. More importantly – Andreas really wanted to make sure that I enjoyed my time in Quito. This meant as he was showing me around he was continually trying to find out what I was was interested in and tailoring the experience as we went. As a part of this, one of my favorite memories was that he showed me amazing food places I would have never found on my own – thank you Andreas! In addition to this, he also did everything he could to ensure that the remaining time I had in Quito was worthwhile.

After some back and forth about different ideas including mountain climbing, we got to talking about motorcycles. Andreas offered to give me a tour by motorcycle out to visit the Cotacachi Volcano, Laguna Cuicocha, and a market run by indigenous members of the community in Quito. I took him up on this idea and I am smiling after this day! What a truly wonderful experience!! Not only was the ride truly memorable, but as before, Andreas did everything in his power to make sure I had a good time. Once again, he he was introducing me to local food I would have never have thought to try on my own. In addition to this, when I had come back form the market, it was clear I had purchased to much to easily put on the bike – so Andreas helped find a shop where we could find rope to tie everything down and get it back safely.

In addition to this great experience, I now gained back my confidence for riding on a motorcycle. And now I am now talking to friends of mine about going back – how about setting up another bike tour? Andreas, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful time I had!! I have to go back!